Graduate Certificate in Bridging to Canadian Physical Therapy Practice

Why Bridging?

One of the most comprehensive pathways for Internationally Educated Physical Therapists (IEPTs) to meet Canadian standards is through participating in a “bridging program”. A bridging program offers significant advantages for IEPTs through courses designed specifically to bridge to the knowledge, clinical skills and judgment required to deliver safe and effective physiotherapy care and support to adjust to Canadian culture and practices.

A bridging program is more beneficial when physical therapy knowledge and skills are current and experience working as a physical therapist is recent. IEPTs are encouraged to consider the bridging program as soon as they have received their credentialling letter from the Alliance. A comprehensive bridging program supports those who do not have experience practicing as a primary care physiotherapist (independent or autonomous practice) or have other major learning needs.

How will the Bridging Certificate help you?

  • Provide insight into your current physical therapy knowledge and skills
  • Increase your understanding of how physical therapy is practised in Canada
  • Provide valuable Alberta clinical experience
  • Enhance your clinical reasoning, professional communication and record keeping skills
  • Support you to manage cultural differences
  • Provide you with exam skills preparation for the national physiotherapy competency exams
  • Provide you with access to faculty and mentors
  • Develop your network of peers preparing for the same goal
  • Why take the Bridging Certificate?

Please note:

  • The bridging certificate builds on the physical therapy knowledge and skills developed in the entry-to-practice education outside Canada and work experience as a physical therapist. 
  • The bridging certificate emphasis is on guiding learners to apply their knowledge and skills in patient scenarios initially practiced in the classroom and then progressed to the clinical setting in mentor and clinical placements.
  • The bridging certificate does not guarantee successful completion of the PCE, registration with the College of Physical Therapists of Alberta or post-registration employment. It does offer opportunities, structure and support to enhance knowledge; professional and communication skills and networking opportunities to develop skills that can greatly assist you in becoming registered.
Please contact the Graduate Bridging Certificate Program team ( as early as possible to receive advice and support in exploring academic options. The team will work with you to plan how to fill your professional requirements with the shortest time away from employment as a physical therapist as possible.