ACUC Biosciences

The ACUC: Biosciences oversees the ethical use of animals related to biological sciences and psychology, this includes basic biomedical studies, wildlife and field studies, and aquatics.

The review committee consists of a veterinarian, animal technician(s), scientists who are knowledgeable in animal care and use with a variety of species, graduate students and community members. Ad hoc reviewers are called on periodically to provide additional expertise as required (e.g. statisticians, ethicists, Environmental Health and Safety/ Biosafety Officers, etc.). Please contact the Commitee Coordinator if you wish to volunteer to serve on a review committee.  

Animal Service Unit

Science Animal Support Services (SASS) provides veterinarian oversight and animal support services for the protocols reviewed by the Biosciences ACUC.

Note: Most wildlife and field research requires the acquisition of permits. Further detail is provided in the Wildlife and Field Research section of our site.