Student Research Day Awards

Graduate Student Research Day was a huge success with about 31 first- and second-year graduate students presenting during the two days.

Pranidhi Baddam - 01 July 2020

We would like to congratulate all the presenters for doing an amazing job at Research Day. The Student Research Group sponsored monetary awards for the top two presenters from each year as well as the Students Choice Awards. The winners are as follows:

2nd-year students:

  • 1st place: Disha Nagpal
  • 2nd place: Silas Yeung and Mohammad Moharammi
  • Student Choice Award: Daniela Roth


1st-year students

  • 1st place: Silpi Jalan and Siavash Mashhouri
  • 2nd place: Maria Kallal
  • Student Choice Award: Faraz Tavoosi


Congratulations to all the award recipients!

The SRG would like to thank Heather Good, Drs. Patrick Flood, Maryam Amin, Carlos Flores-Mir and Maria Febbraio for their help in organizing the Research Day. We would also like to extend our thanks to Drs. Lisa Purdy and Daniel Graf for helping organize the Self-care during COVID, what is Imposter Syndrome: Making Sense of Graduate School seminar as well as all the feedback panellists who took the time to provide valuable feedback to our presenters.