Dr. Kevin E. Lung recipient of the 2021 Bulyea Cup

06 December 2021

Clinical professor and oral & maxillofacial surgeon, Kevin Lung is the recipient of the 2021 Bulyea Cup.

Dr. Lung was in disbelief when he received notification of being awarded the 2021 Bulyea Cup. He didn’t even know he was being considered for the award.

“It is an incredible honour to receive such a prestigious award. I look at all the names of past recipients and to be considered part of this very elite and incredible group of academics is quite astonishing,” says Dr. Lung. “I am so impressed by their achievements and words cannot convey how much this means to me. It is more than anyone can ever expect.”

Dr. Lung has been involved with the School of Dentistry for many years - first as a student, and now, as a clinical professor. A long-time supporter of the School of Dentistry’s programs and initiatives, Dr. Lung’s continued dedication to improving patient care, and enhancing student learning experiences makes him an ideal recipient of this award.

And, most of all, Dr. Lung is a firm believer in always providing a high level of training and education.

“I have a passion for excellence and the highest level of patient care. I want to share this passion and knowledge with students,” says Dr. Lung. “I love teaching and sharing the knowledge to make patient care a number one priority. What keeps me going is that I feel that I can make patients’ lives better. To see a case to completion and the patients’ absolute happiness with the result is a most rewarding experience. This continues to keep me motivated and to make positive changes in patients and students.”

He joined the school in 2007 as the discipline lead for oral and maxillofacial surgery. During his tenure, he redeveloped and enhanced the lecture series expanded both the third and fourth-year oral surgery curriculum.

Dr. Lung continuously proves himself to be both an advocate and educator dedicated to the student experience. He was instrumental in helping develop the undergraduate and general practice residency implant program, which today has become a vital deciding factor for students to enroll in our program.

Most importantly, Dr. Lung played a key role in developing and designing the new oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic in Kaye Edmonton Clinic. His visionary approach to the field helped create a world class surgery clinic.

“I love the implant dentistry program and all who are involved. We have produced such a world class program in Alberta that it is the envy of most universities,” says Dr. Lung. “To have one-on-one teaching with the students is amazing. It is so rewarding to watch the student’s treatment plan and finish implant cases.  When the student’s implant surgery is done you can see their excitement and enthusiasm. They get so flush with a sense of accomplishment and have so much desire and passion to do more.”

The Bulyea Cup is the highest honour that the School of Dentistry confers on its faculty members, members of the dental and dental hygiene professions, and members of the community. It is awarded in recognition of faculty members who have clearly excelled in both teaching and research, members of the oral health care professions (dentistry and dental hygiene) who are involved in teaching, research or service to the School of Dentistry, and to members of the community who have made contributions to oral health sciences education.