Paleontology is a basic science concerned with the evolutionary history of life.


Paleontology DigOur Paleontology program concentrates on the study of fossils and ancient life forms. It is an interdisciplinary program designed to give students a strong background in paleontology, earth sciences and biological sciences.

Our program is offered through the department of Biological Sciences as well as the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Undergraduate opportunities:

  1. Honors degree in Paleontology
  2. Specialization degree in Paleontology

Graduate opportunities:

  1. Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

New museum named after UAlberta dinosaur hunter

World renowned University of Alberta paleontologist, Dr. Philip Currie who helped put the Grande Prairie area on the map as a dinosaur-hunter’s paradise is having a museum named in his honour.

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UAlberta’s first MOOC- DINO 101

Dinosaur enthusiasts in Alberta and around the world have the opportunity to learn online from one of the world’s foremost dinosaur experts, Philip Currie, with Dino 101 beginning September 2013 

UofA researcher identifies four dinosaur species

Just when dinosaur researchers thought they had a thorough knowledge of ankylosaurs, a family of squat, armour-plated plant-eaters, along comes University of Alberta graduate student Victoria Arbour

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