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The Faculty of Science fosters an immersive educational experience that focuses on hands-on learning and in-depth research for students interested in pursuing a career in paleontology.

On this page you'll find projects championed by researchers and graduate students, paleontological resources for prospective and enrolled students, field schools for experiential learning, and relevant professors working in paleontology.

Why Study Paleontology at UAlberta?

Explore the prehistoric world and engage in groundbreaking research under the direction of world-leading paleontologists in UAlberta's Paleontology Degree Program.

Paleontology students can expect an immersive educational experience with some of the top researchers and experts in various paleo- fields, including paleobiology, paleobotany, and more.

Study paleontology at the University of Alberta

Paleo 400: Field School

The Faculty of Science believes in enhancing the education of our students with experiential learning and fieldwork. Read about one of the opportunities paleontology students have to participate in field school, where they can apply their knowledge and gain valuable experience on actual fossil dig sites.



The University of Alberta partnered with Coursera to deliver Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to further the education of students and the general public alike. Some of the courses are for-credit and can count towards completing certain UAlberta degrees.

Check out some of our Paleontology MOOCs and dive into a unique learning experience focused on dinosaurs.

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UAlberta Paleontologists

Do you have questions about paleontology? Talk to some of our professors:

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Science Volunteers

Volunteer Preparator of dinosaur remains, Christopher Harrison cleaning fossils at a table in the Dino Lab.

Dino Lab

Read aboutChristopher Harrison, one of our great volunteers who works in the Dino Lab cleaning and preparing fossils and other dinosaur remains for our catalogues.

Excavating the Mysteries of a Dinosaur Mummy

Peering inside a dinosaur mummy

Join Phil Bell and Philip Currie as they examine a 75-million year old Hadrosaur skull with some of its skin still intact.

Solving the Mystery of a Mongolian Dinosaur

Solving the mystery of a bizarre Mongolian dinosaur | Dr. Philip J. Currie | TEDxCalgary

Listen in on Philip J. Currie's TEDx Talk as he discusses the Korea-Mongolia International Dinosaur Project and the mystery of Deinocheirus.

Check out even more of our exciting dinosaur videos!

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