Evolutionary Biology

To better understand evolution on Earth, it's no surprise scientists have turned to evolutionary biology to see how the current diversity of life on our planet came to be.

On this page, you'll find information about evolutionary biology as a discipline, what University of Alberta biologists are researching, and the effect their work has.

What Is Evolutionary Biology?

Evolutionary biology is a branch of biology where scientists examine the evolutionary processes (natural selection, common descent, and speciation) that led to the current biodiversity of organisms on our planet.

It is speculated that the current population of organisms can trace their heritage back to a single common ancestor (often referred to as the last universal common ancestor or LUCA), and evolutionary biologists use this theory as a framework for much of their research.


Evolutionary Biology News

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Featured Faculty Projects


Unraveling the Evolutionary Mystery of Snapping Shrimp

Read about Richard Palmer (Biological Sciences) and the discoveries he and a team of talented researchers made to solve the evolutionary mystery of how snapping shrimp break water and snap.

Sneezing Freshwater Sponges

U of A student's research shows that freshwater sponges can sneeze

Did you know sponges could sneeze? Check out this video of Danielle Ludeman (Biological Sciences) who researched how sponges sneeze without having a nervous system.

UAlberta Evolutionary Biologists

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