To understand how life has evolved on Earth, scientists have looked to ecology to see how present-day organisms live with one another and to study the impact they and their environment have on each other.

On this page, you'll find information about ecology as a discipline, what University of Alberta ecologists are researching, and the effect their work has.

What is ecology?

Ecology is an area of biology that studies the interactions of organisms with one another and their environment.

Ecology is a broad field that investigates many topic areas. A degree in Ecology can take students on many career paths, including bioinformatics, environmental law, pest and disease management, wildlife conservation, and more.

Ecology news & research

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Science Connects Webinar: Fostering coexistence over conflict with urban coyotes through evidence-based methods

Watch Colleen Cassady St. Clair, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, to learn about the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project, hear tips for avoiding conflict with coyotes, and discover how citizens can contribute to St. Clair’s research.


Image of a cougar in a tree

Cougars respond to roads based on human activity, topography, and time of day

A new study by University of Alberta biologists identifies three key factors for how cougars select habitats near roadways: traffic, topography, and daylight.

Stephanie Green, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and Canada Research Chair of Aquatic Global Change Ecology & Conservation

UAlberta scientist named to 2021 Earth Leadership Program cohort

Marine conservation researcher Stephanie Green one of 21 scientists across North America selected for pioneering work in sustainability research.

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