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Frequently Asked Questions About ATUMS

Do I need to speak German to go on a Research Exchange visit to Munich?

No.  All activities in Canada and Germany occur in English.  You do not need to know German in order to take part in the travel stream of the ATUMS program.

Who do I contact for more information on the ATUMS Program?

The ATUMS Program Coordinator: Leah Veinot. 

Her contact information is as follows:

email: veinot@ualberta.ca

phone: (780) 492-2819

You can also find this information in the Contact Us tab.

What is ATUMS?

ATUMS stands for Alberta Technical University of Munich School of Functional Hybrid Materials.  It is a joint initiative between the University of Alberta and the Technical University of Munich (TUM).  It combines the departments of Physics, Chemistry, and Electrical Engineering from both schools.  Nine faculty members are involved from each school and there are currently 43 Canadian students and 19 TUM students enrolled.  Canadian students may have the opportunity to travel to Munich, Germany on a 3-month research visit (1x for Masters students and 2x for Ph.D. students) and German students may have a similar opportunity to travel to Canada to work on their own graduate research.

How do I choose a Canadian research supervisor?

Start by researching the supervisors.  The Canadian researchers belonging to the ATUMS program are:

Drs. Veinot, Mar, Buriak, Gibbs, Michaelis, Rivard, Hegmann, Meldrum, Shankar.

Look at their group websites and publications.  If their research interests you then schedule an appointment to talk to them about their research and their group.  Ask them if they are taking on new graduate students in the ATUMS program.

How do I choose a German research supervisor/collaborator for my Research Exchange to TUM?

Start by researching the German faculty belonging to the ATUMS program.  They are:

Dr. Bernhard Rieger            Dr. Rieger homepage
Dr. Marc Tornow   Dr. Tornow homepage
Dr. Tom Nilges   Dr. Nilges homepage
Dr. Thomas Fassler   Dr. Fassler homepage
Dr. Peter Muller-Buschbaum   Dr. Muller-Buschbaum homepage
Dr.Markus Becherer   Dr. Becherer homepage
Dr. Martin Stutzmann   Dr. Stutzmann homepage
Dr. Ulrich Heiz   Dr. Heiz homepage

Look at their group websites and publications. 

Discuss options with your Canadian supervisor.

How do I find a place to live in Munich, Germany?

Check the web listings on sites like Air BnB and contact Sergei Vagin at sergei.vagin@makro.ch.tum.de.