NSERC CREATE and Specialized Graduate Programs

Checklist for visitors


Letter of Invitation

A minimum of 2 months before traveling you must contact the ATUMS Program Coordinator at the University of Alberta.

Leah Veinot

ATUMS Program Coordinator

4-253 CCIS

University of Alberta




A letter of invitation will be written for you once you have completed and submitted a German ATUMS Student Application Form.

DO NOT begin making any travel or accommodation arrangements until you have received a signed letter of invitation from the ATUMS Program Coordinator.

Waiver Form

A Foreign student waiver form will be emailed to you along with the German ATUMS Student Application Form.  Complete this form but do not sign it until you have arrived at the University of Alberta.


Accommodations:  Plan in advance.  The ATUMS Program Coordinator will provide you will several websites that will help in your accommodation search.  Be sure to also check with previous German students who have already taken part in a research exchange as they may also be able to provide assistance with names of contacts.


Upon arrival:

- lab and office keys (Chemistry: $40 cash deposit required; Physics: $60 cash deposit; Engineering: $50 cash deposit)

- UofA email account (CCID and password will be given to you upon your arrival at the University of Alberta)

- Registration at the Academic Visitor's Office (1-03 South Academic Building) 

The ATUMS Program Coordinator will assist you with this process.

- OneCard from the OneCard office in HUB Mall (available once the Academic Visitor's Office has processed the Visitor Registration Form)

- Go over lab policies regarding safety and working alone in the lab. Ensure the student has had WHIMIS training, etc, for the research conducted in your lab. Add personnel to any necessary safety forms.