SJC Celebrates 30 Years with Chef Ben Ramos

5 January 2023

On Wednesday, January 4th, St. Joseph's College gathered to celebrate Chef Ben Ramos' 30 years of employment at the College. He has been feeding our students since January 1993. Many students have passed through the doors of our dining hall, and in some cases he has fed both father and son over those years! Over 3000 different SJC students have benefited from Chef Ben's culinary skills during his three decades.

SJC faculty and staff gathered from 4-5pm, and from 5-7pm Chef Ben was surprised to not only see many of our current students celebrate him (one even gave a speech!), but also a number of our alumni stopped by to visit. He was even presented with his very own Ranger jersey from the current residents.

SJC is also thankful for Troubled Monk Brewery, as they sponsored the event with their tasty beverages. Co-founder and President Charlie Bredo is not only a former resident, but one that was fed by Chef Ben himself!


ben2023.jpg crowd2023.jpg jersey2023.jpg