Residence Services

Room Rates

Room Type Type Contract Total Rent Contract Total Rent
Men's Residence Dorms Furnished  8 Month $5,550  12 Month* $8,075
Women's Residence Bachelorette Furnished   8 Month $9,760  12 Month* $13,908
Women's Residence 2-Bedroom Furnished  8 Month $7,325  12 Month* $10,438
Women's Residence 4-Bedroom Furnished
 8 Month $6,740  12 Month* $9,604

*12 Month leases are given priority for room/apartment choice.

Please note, all rates are subject to change, including meal plan values. All published rates reflect current values, and any approved changes are posted as soon as possible. In the event of a discrepancy between the official rates and the rates published, the official rates shall prevail.