Past Speakers

Sustainability Lecture Series

Launched in 2019-20, this lecture series brings together local expertise and global innovation across all fields of sustainability. Meet scholars from the University of Alberta and beyond in fields ranging from engineering to ecology, public health to poetry, native studies to nanotechnology.

2019-20 Speakers Talk Titles
Mél Hogan Genomic Media / Sustainable DNA
Sheikh Abdul Aziz The Green Sheikh
Patrick Mahon Perilous Voyages: Art, environment and the search for a global commons
Lars Hallstrom No Canary, No Coal Mine: Understanding sustainability for rural communities in Alberta
Tiffany Higgins Infrastructure, Fish and Indigenous & Traditional Peoples in Brazil's Amazon
Victor Lieffers Forest Sustainability: Policy, social values and climate change
Dwayne Donald Homo Economicus and Forgetful Curriculum
Mary Beckie Moving Beyond Organic? Ecological farming and local food trends in Alberta
Diana Leong Anchoring the Climate Commons - Slave Ship Earth
Sourayan Mookerjea &
Carrie Karsgaard
COP 101: Understanding the UN Climate Talks
Sheena Wilson &
Natalie Loveless
Energy In/Out of Place

Sustainability Speaker Series

"An innovative speaker can revolutionize how we see the world." The University of Alberta's Sustainability Speaker Series brings renowned leaders from all over the world to speak on sustainability issues such as climate change, just development, clean tech and pollution. Lectures are free and open to the public, including alumni and community members.

Year Speakers
2019-20 Ian Mauro Vien Truong
2018-19 Bea Johnson Tom Murphy Amy Luers James Balog
2017-18 Shalini Kantayya George Kourounis
2016-17 Laurence C. Smith Manulani Aluli-Meyer
2015-16 Majora Carter Sheila Watt-Cloutier
2014-15 Tzeporah Berman Edward Burtynsky
2013-14 Paul Hawken Severn Cullis-Suzuki
2012-13 Thomas Homer Dixon Raj Patel Adria Vasil
2011-12 Bill McKibben Annie Leonard

Julian Agyeman

Winona LaDuke Maude Barlow