Mentorship is an important part of professional growth and development. This is especially important for junior staff, but is important for all stages of a career. It is strongly encouraged that each one of us actively seeks out mentorship.

Your site wellness representative/site chief (wellness representatives) will coordinate the match between mentees and mentors.

Mentorship “teams” is an important aspect of the mentorship concept and having many types of mentors throughout a career may be desirable. Mentorship within and outside the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine is possible. Here is the link to the FoMD mentorship page.

For the downloadable pdf version on Mentorship, click here.

For more information about mentoring and other initiatives, visit the FoMD Faculty Development Program 

Other mentorship opportunities:

UA-WiSE/WISER Mentorship Program: Virtually connecting underrepresented individuals in STEM with mentors who can help foster professional development and personal discovery.