Pain Medicine

We have had an excellent one-year pain medicine fellowship program running for the last fifteen years in which we have offered comprehensive clinical training in pain medicine for physicians already trained in anesthesiology, preparing the individual for a career as a consultant specialist in this rapidly evolving area of clinical medicine.

The program includes clinical training by physicians and psychologists in the Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic, attachments to the Regional Palliative Care Unit, the Stollery Children's Chronic Pain Clinic and the Perioperative Pain Service. We provide consultations, medication management, cognitive behavioral therapy, pain education through our "Pain 101" program, nerve blocks and pulsed radio frequency denervation. We run a spinal cord stimulation program. "Life Despite Pain" is our long-term outpatient program in which refractory patients interested in improving functionality are co-managed by medicine, nursing and psychiatry in the biopsychosocial paradigm.

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