2024 Posters

Posters - R3's

Ryan Brenneis
Two Pokes Too Many: Training and Implementation of Nursing Performed Ultrasound Guided Intravenous Access at The University of Alberta

Alan Chan
Pharmacokinetic profile of ropivacaine given as a universal dose infusion via transversus abdominis plane and rectus sheath block catheters for postoperative surgical pain control

Christine Chiu
Pain management for hospitalized patients with rib fractures: A systematic review of randomized clinical trials

Joshua Hahn
Correlation of intraoperative lactate levels during prolonged OHNS reconstructive flap surgery with peri and postoperative morbidity and mortality measures and the effectiveness of fluid resuscitation in mitigating these measures

Jamie Hilland
Towards a Guide for Pre-operative Type & Screen Testing – a Quality Improvement Study

Kristina Jeon
Anki Flashcards for Anesthesiology Residents’ Retention of Knowledge: A Randomized Control Trial

Yasmin Valji
Equity and Diversity in Canadian Anesthesiology Residency Programs

Yasmin Valji
Perioperative Management of Breastfeeding Patients Undergoing Day Surgery

Posters - Graduate Students

Dania Villarreal
Neuroplasticity and pain: Examining the influence of exercise on nociception

Madelene Ho
Fate-mapping CX3CR1+ and CCR2+ cells to determine macrophage dynamics in the DRG
in neuropathic pain

 Jennie Vu
Investigating elamipretide as a potential therapeutic for sepsis-induced cardiac dysfunction

Posters - Medical Students

Lauren Coulombe
Perioperative temperature monitoring and forced-air warming