Reception for Andrew Hellmund's Master of Fine Arts exhibition, featuring Voluminous, 2014-2016, recycled steel, 9.5 x 6.2 x 5.25 feet

The Sculpture program offers a range of opportunities for study of this three-dimensional art form. Students explore and create art works in different media, from clay to plaster, metal, wood, fabric, and mixed media, using traditional and experimental methods and techniques.


  • Practicing Artist
  • Museum/Gallery Exhibition Preparator
  • Model Maker
  • Set Designer/Prop Sculptor
  • Prosthetic Artist
  • Landscape Architect
  • Educator
  • Visual Art Professor/Instructor in a Post-Secondary Institution

Undergraduate Studies

Tiffany Adair, Mind Frame, 2014, mixed media, 24 x 30 x 60 inches

Studying sculpture as an undergraduate degree enables students to concentrate on figurative or abstract sculpture, or both.

In the introductory courses students learn the fundamentals of form, working with wood, clay, and steel. Models are available for figural study. After taking two introductory courses in sculpture, students go on to take more advanced courses where they will develop further proficiency. The program as a whole emphasizes formal and technical competence with the importance of knowing and understanding developments in sculpture from a historical point of view.

Graduate Studies

TJ Mclachlan, A Central Perspective, 2016, Dimensions variable, Plywood, Steel, Laminate, Urethane, Silicone, Paper

The primary aim of the graduate program is to enable students to bring undergraduate work to a professional level within a studio environment and to place students in a position of informed criticism and judgment in relation to personal development.


The sculpture studio is situated on the ground floor of the Fine Arts Building. It has good access via a large overhead door at street level. The total area of the sculpture space is just under 11,000 square feet, which is divided up roughly as follows: a central area of just under 5000 square feet devoted mainly to a woodworking shop, of which 3,500 square feet is used for abstract elementary sculpture classes; the remainder consisting of cubicles for intermediate and advanced level students where they can pursue individual studies. 3000 square feet is devoted to figurative studies in the form of a large kiln room, a plaster casting room, and two modeling studios. The studio is equipped with two forklifts, a large array of MIG and electrode welders, oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting equipment. There is a large Wadkin band saw, rotating disc sander a panel saw and numerous hand tools as well as clay preparation equipment and a large gas kiln.