Our Next Vice-Dean for the Faculty of Arts: Dr. Marie-Eve Morin

The Faculty of Arts and the Office of the Dean are pleased to announce that Dr. Marie-Eve Morin has been appointed as our next Vice-Dean.

Faculty of Arts - 18 November 2022

Dr. Morin has a long-standing relationship with the Faculty of Arts going back to 2007, as a highly impactful teacher, researcher, and department leader.  She has served as Chair of the Department of Philosophy since 2019, stewarding the department through the complexities of the global pandemic as well as the SET initiative. Additionally, Dr. Morin has chaired and participated in many important committees, working groups and councils, within the Faculty and institutionally, and she brings a deep understanding of the collaboration required to support and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Faculty of Arts. As the Vice-Dean, Dr. Morin will provide important leadership with respect to academic staffing, program development, the faculty teaching plan, and cultivating a policy environment that supports our commitments to decolonization, equity, diversity and inclusion. Dr. Morin brings a strong appreciation for the distinctiveness of a large and thriving faculty such as Arts.

“I have immense respect for the diversity and complexity of this Faculty, the people who work in it, our disciplines and our programs. I am also committed to the kind of principled, fair and transparent decision-making that such complexity calls for. The Arts community is resilient and innovative and I look forward to helping it flourish in the years to come.” 
- Dr. Marie-Eve Morin

Dr. Morin begins her role as Vice-Dean starting January 1st, 2023

Thank you to Dr. Carrie Smith for her service as the Vice-Dean and welcome to Dr. Marie-Eve Morin who, as our next Vice-Dean, will continue to innovate and push the Faculty of Arts forward.