Daniel Evans: Littoral Zone


Daniel Evans: Littoral Zone

September 1 - 25, 2020
FAB Gallery
Admission is free and by appointment only. Please see Ticket Information for details.

In an increasingly data-driven and algorithmically automated world, a clearly delineated border between physical and virtual existence is at best naive; at worst a dangerous fabrication. Search histories, social media, purchases, medical records, location history, and other forms of commodified information all converge to create externalized profiles beyond the control of their originators, that nonetheless have tangible impact on experiences in the physical world.

Littoral Zone is a speculative world-ing; a re-imagining of data visualization through the lens of folklore. Drawing upon selkie folktales as an allegorical lens, the work offers a space to explore the mediation between physical and digital worlds, and to interrogate the latent dynamics of power in an increasingly algorithmically driven existence.

This is the final visual presentation for the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking.

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