alissa rossi, MFA Printmaking: The View From Where

2022–23 Ticket Information

FAB Gallery, 1-1 Fine Arts Building
University of Alberta
(780) 492-2081

Gallery Hours
Tuesday to Friday

Admission is free. Masks are strongly recommended indoors on the University of Alberta campus.

alissa rossi, MFA Printmaking: The View From Where

October 11– November 05, 2022

FAB Gallery
Second Floor

Opening Reception

University of Alberta faculty, staff, students and invited guests
Thursday, October 13
FAB Gallery

About the Exhibit

The View From Where uses the boreal forest of British Columbia and western Alberta to explore how global extractive capitalism and the ongoing climate crisis manifest on a local level. This work counters the human- and western-centric ideas of the Anthropocene—a name for the current geological era marked by human activity—by exploring how the human, the technological, and the ecological are not separate from but deeply enmeshed with each other. The work proposes a view of ecology that sees humans and our technologies not as separate from and superior to the ecological world, but as one of several forces that shape the ecological world we live in, a view from which we might more successfully negotiate the ongoing and cataclysmic shifts in climate. 

alissa rossi grew up in the Fraser Valley in BC in a family whose income was directly connected to the forestry industry. She spent her childhood summers in the Chilcotin-Caribou where mountain pine beetle first began to exhibit adaptive behaviour that led to the destruction of much of BC’s pine forest.

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