Dr. Samuel Sia

Dr. Samuel Sia

Dr. Samuel Sia

Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Columbia University


Dr. Sia has developed novel technologies for microfluidics-based methods for point-of-care diagnostics, both in an academic and industry setting (as a founder and chair of scientific advisory board of Claros Diagnostics, a startup company that has recently garnered European regulatory approval for a diagnostics product). Dr. Sia's work in global health diagnostics, specifically, has garnered coverage from Nature, Science, JAMA, Washington Post, BBC, NPR, Voice of America, Science News, Popular Science, Chemical and Engineering News, and MIT Technology Review. Sia is using the powerful techniques of microfluidics to build low-cost handheld devices for performing sophisticated medical tests on a small microchip. His lab-on-a-chip device has been tested in Rwanda to collect and analyze blood tests at a patient's bedside to diagnose infectious diseases. Dr. Sia has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Alberta, and a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Harvard University. Dr. Sia completed a Postdoctoral program in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University.

As an undergraduate student, Dr. Sia worked with Dr Brian Sykes, Dr. Michael James and Dr. Leo Spyracopoulos.

Biochemistry-related Publications:

Calcium-induced structural transition in the regulatory domain of human cardiac troponin C.

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Biochemistry. 1997 Oct 7;36(40):12138-46.

Structure of cardiac muscle troponin C unexpectedly reveals a closed regulatory domain.

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