David Brindley
Targeting the autotaxin-lysophosphatidate-inflammatory axis to improve cancer treatment
Richard Fahlman
Discovery of Novel Functions of small RNAs
Carlos Fernandez-Patron
Biology of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in health and disease
Larry Fliegel
Regulation of intracellular pH via the Na+/H+ exchanger
Mark Glover
Mechanisms of regulation of gene expression
Ing Swie Goping
Investigating mammary gland biology and breast cancer
Charles Holmes
Regulation of protein phosphatases and phosphorylation
Olivier Julien
Functional proteomics and protease biology
Joanne Lemieux
Structural studies of membrane proteins associated with disease states
Andrew MacMillan
Chemical and biochemical mechanisms of RNA processing
Marek Michalak
Endoplasmic reticulum in health and disease
Sue-Ann Mok
Deciphering the functional architecture of molecular chaperone networks
Michael Overduin
Structural biology of signaling and trafficking
Michael Schultz
Metabolic programming in vertebrate cells
Leo Spyracopoulos
Structure and function of proteins involved in the protein ubiquitination pathway
David Stuart
Mechanisms of regulation of cell division
Nicolas Touret
Molecular Cell Biology of Innate Immune Receptors
Holger Wille
Structural investigations of infectious prions and other misfolded proteins
Howard Young
Regulation of calcium transport in heart disease


Structure, function and dynamics of muscle, prion, membrane, and antifreeze proteins
Mechanisms of cell-mediated cytotoxicity and apoptosis
Joseph Casey
Membrane Transport in Corneal Blindness
Michael Ellison
Mechanisms of cellular regulation
Michael James
Three-dimensional structure of proteins; hydrolytic mechanisms of proteinases
Cyril Kay
Muscle contraction/relaxation: Protein de novo design
Ronald MacElhaney
Roles of lipids in the structure and function of biological membranes
Paul Scott
Structure and function of extracellular matrix macromolecules
Jim Stone
Neoplastic transformation of cultured cells by dominant oncogenes
Dennis Vance
Molecular and cell biology of phospholipid biosynthesis and function
Joel Weiner
Membrane protein structure and bioenergetics


Rosalind Godbout
Regulation of gene expression in the developing retina and in retinoblastoma
Peter Hwang
(1) Developing solution NMR for large protein complexes and membrane proteins.
(2)Targeting the cardiac troponin complex to understand and treat heart failure.
Rene Jacobs
Understand the complex interactions involved in the etiology of obesity, Diabetes and other chronic diseases
Liang Li
Analytical mass spectrometry (MS) for metabolomics and proteomics
Luis Schang
Protein kinases and other cellular factors in the replication and pathogenesis of viruses and prions
Lorne Tyrrell
Study of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV)
David Westaway
The use of genetically engineered "transgenic" mice to recreate and understand human neurologic disorders
Glen Uhrig
Plant cell regulation
Dawei Zhang
Regulation of cholesterol homeostasis