Postdoctoral Positions

The Department of Biochemistry offers excellent possibilities for postdoctoral research. The Department of Biochemistry provides an intensive, collaborative environment for research in various aspects of the scientific community. Individual faculty members are well funded and would provide state of the art facilities for your research.

Support for fellowships may come from either investigators' research grants or from granting agencies (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Alberta Innovates, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, etc.). The Canadian Institutes of Health Research Fellowship Award has a stipend of $40,000 per year with a Research Allowance of $5,000. The , Alberta Innovates Fellowship Award is $50,000 and also has a $5,000 annual research allowance to fund trips to meetings, journal subscriptions, or your move to Edmonton.

For more information, contact one of the faculty members of the Department of Biochemistry, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research or the Alberta Innovates. You might also want to contact one of the postdoctoral fellows who work in the in the Department of Biochemistry. They are listed in the Department Directory. For other available positions in the Department of Biochemistry, please refer to the University of Alberta Human Resources web site.