Research Opportunities

Biochemistry is a medical science that relies on research; and training to work as a researcher is central to the undergraduate biochemistry program. During the course of the BSc program, many opportunities exist for gaining experience in laboratory techniques. This includes BIOCH 401, a techniques training course that all students in Biochemistry programs must take, and a number of directed research project courses designed to get experience working in specific research labs.

BIOCH 299 is typically taken in second year and is a credit/no-credit course taken under the supervision of an academic member of the Department of Biochemistry. This course is designed to be taken on top of a full time course load and can be taken twice during a degree.

BIOCH 398 is a research course that can be taken after completing one of the 300-level BIOCH courses (310, 320 or 330). It is offered exclusively during Spring and Summer terms and provides experience in doing biochemistry research under supervision of a Faculty member and in presenting data.

BIOCH 498 and BIOCH 499 are the directed research projects that generally form the capstone projects of the Biochemistry program taken over either a single or two terms respectively during the Fall/Winter terms. BIOCH 499 is required in the Honors program but is recommended for all students. Both of these classes culminate in a final project presentation at the end of the term.

BIOCH 497 is a six week study abroad course, taken after completion of BIOCH 401, which provides students registered in the biochemistry Honors and Specialization programs the opportunity to experience world-renowned research in a foreign country. To date, we have sent students to Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Students carry out a project in an international laboratory and will also have the opportunity to experience the rich culture of Europe.

2019 Research Abroad Partcipants

The Science Internship Program (SIP) or other campus initiatives provide additional opportunities for students to gain relevant work experience. Summer research positions are also available in many labs in the Department, and the Undergraduate Summer Student Research Program will post information about potential studentships in late October of each year. Many positions are competitive and involve scholarship applications that will be done early in each year.

Sykes Summer Studentship

A fourteen-week undergraduate Summer Research award (May to August), in the Department of Biochemistry, is available for a student conducting research in biomedical sciences and who has the potential to excel in this area of research.


Awardee must be a Canadian Citizen
Awardee can only hold one undergraduate summer research studentship
Students will submit applications in response to a call for applications sent out by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD)
Applications received will go through an internal review process within the FoMD, with a final selection made by the Dean, FoMD.


Approximately $5,000

Previous recipients:
2018 Ayman Haimour
2017 Toluwabori Ajidagba
2016 Sarah Renee Dicipulo
2015 Zelei Yang


Additional summer studentship opportunities