What We Do

DNA Sequencing

For full service sequencing, samples brought in before 11:00am will be processed and loaded the same day. Results are available the next business day before noon. If the run is full the day you bring in your sample, it will be processed the next business day. The MBSU offers three levels of sequencing service, as well as Illumina sequencing.

1) Economy DNA Sequencing 

    • No purchase of BigDye necessary, no cycle sequencing PCR or precipitation of reactions in your lab.
    • Your students, technical staff and equipment are free for other tasks.
    • You provide the DNA template and primer pre-mixed in the same tube, at the recommended amounts (see requirements). 
    • There are no “redo’s” with this service.

2) Standard DNA Sequencing

    • You do the reactions in your lab, we run the samples on the ABI 3730.
    • BigDye Terminator v3.1 is available at the MBSU.
    • Price applies to all facility users.

3) Full Service DNA Sequencing

    • Boutique sequencing is ideal for clients with little or no molecular biology experience.
    • We assist with troubleshooting difficult templates.

4) Illumina DNA Sequencing

    • Use content from “!!NEW!! – December 2014 Illumina DNA” page (no changes req’d)
    • Remove any pricing information (pricing is under review).
Order Oligonucleotides Online (U of A only)

The Molecular Biology Service Unit (MBSU) offers University of Alberta clients the opportunity to order Oligonucleotides online through our DNA synthesis partner Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT). Selecting the link below will take you to the MBSU's portal site at IDT where you may order oligonucleotides online for free delivery to the MBSU (5-047 CCIS). www.idtdna.com/UAlberta-MBSU/.

For new clients outside the Department of Biological Sciences, please contact the Site Administrator, Troy Locke (tlocke@ualberta.ca) prior to ordering.

Payment: Use a valid University of Alberta speed code. The MBSU handles all billing in the PeopleSoft system. When setting up your profile, DO NOT change the shipping / billing information, only select the default Billing and Shipping address.. Please note there are no additional shipping charges.

Quality Control: Once synthesized and shipped, quality control information will be available through your user profile, which you may view through our portal site here. www.idtdna.com/UAlberta-MBSU/

Delivery/Pick-up: All orders are subject to the approval of the site administrator. Orders can be picked up at the MBSU, at CCIS 5-047. We will contact you when your order is ready for

Technical Support: For assistance with placing your order on the IDT site, please contact:
Troy Locke

Bio Bars

A retail bio bar is operated by the MBSU. Standard offerings are stocked in the lab and are available for walk-in purchase. Specialty items can be ordered through the MBSU using the online request form. (link to new email form – see scan for info to include on form).
Custom Bio Bar orders arrive within 3-5 business days. The MBSU will contact you for pick-up once your order has arrived. We stock items from the following vendors:

New England BioLabs (NEB) www.neb.ca
Qiagen QiaCabinet www.qiagen.com

Life Technologies www.lifetechnologies.com
(Invitrogen/Applied Biosystems/Ambion)
Thermo Fisher Scientific www.fishersci.ca

BioRad BioBar www.bio-rad.com
Illumina www.illumina.com
Stratagene www.genomics.aglient.com
D-Mark www.d-markbio.com