International Programs

Study Tours

International Study Tours are University of Alberta faculty-led courses that combine lectures and assignments at the UofA in Edmonton with two-week guided field trips to international destinations. Unlike exchange programs, these courses are organized and taught by UofA faculty and count as direct UofA credit. They are a great option for those students who want to incorporate an international component into their degrees, particularly if you have a limited timeframe or available transfer credit. It is also a good way to gain international experience without heavy personal investment as the Study Tours are fully facilitated and students travel and learn alongside fellow UofA participants in a group setting. 

The Alberta School of Business offers the following International Study Tours to BCom and MBA students: 

International Business - Japan

The Alberta School of Business is pleased to announce a brand new opportunity for students on the BUEC 444 - International Study Tour to Japan in 2020. This is an introductory course on the business conditions, culture and practices in Japan. BUEC 444 is intended as a BCom-only course and will be held during the UofA's Winter semester with an on-site trip to Tokyo, Nagoya & Kyoto in May.


Family Business - Europe

The European Study Tour is a combined course for both BCom and MBA students. BUEC 444/SMO 686 puts a focus on family business and again runs during the UofA's Winter semester with an on-site trip to central/western Europe in early May.


International Business - China

The China Study Tour is an introductory course on doing business in China offered during the UofA's Winter semester with an on-site trip to Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai in early May. In 2020, it will be offered at the MBA level only as BUEC 648 - International Study Tour to China.


Natural Resources and Energy Specialization

MBA students in the Natural Resources and Energy specialization also have the option to attend a NREE Study Tour. Past destinations have included Germany, Belgium, London, Brazil and the United States.