Executive Certificate in Municipal Leadership


Program Overview

The Alberta School of Business has been delivering a unique learning experience for municipal leaders for over 20 years.  Our municipal leadership program develops municipal leaders by increasing their capacity to lead people, teams, departments, and organizations. As a participant of the Executive Certificate in Municipal Leadership (ECML) program, you will gain a deep understanding of yourself as a leader.

You will learn to shift your focus from day-to-day tasks to strategically achieving the organization's business goals while managing change and stakeholder expectations through effective leadership. Throughout the program's duration, you will form long-lasting networks with like-minded leaders within the municipal environment.

Learning Elements

This program is comprised of five courses:

  1. Leading & Managing in Municipalities (EXASB 6101)
  2. Leading Self & Others (EXASB 6102)
  3. Change Management (EXASB 6103)
  4. Negotiations & Stakeholder Engagement (EXASB 6104)
  5. Sustainable Leadership Summit (EXASB 6105)

While it is strongly recommended to complete the ECML as consecutive courses as listed here, participants have two years to complete all and earn the Certificate of Completion following admission. Courses can be completed individually as well.  The MBA elective can be completed at any time, provided it is done within the designated two years to achieve the credential.

Learning Outcomes

Through the ECML, participate can expect to:

  • Explore leadership challenges in municipal government and apply leadership theory to actual case scenarios.
  • Explore the ethical behaviours municipal managers should demonstrate to maintain the trust and confidence of the public.
  • Analyze leadership style preferences against the requirements of the role.
  • Assess leadership communication strengths and opportunities.
  • Explore how to manage change and deliver results in an increasingly challenging manner.
  • Through the use of various tools and models, learn to understand self and others' behaviour patterns, explore the impact of communication and Emotional Intelligence on others, identify research-supported techniques to adapt to change, and use instruments to coach, build capacity, strengthen coalitions and support communities including the DiSC assessment and various experiential simulations.

Who Should Attend?

  • You are a mid-level manager (or above) who leads one or more teams, groups or departments.
  • You are interested in further developing effective management and leadership skills in a municipal setting.
  • You face competing priorities and want to learn how to make more informed decisions that benefit all stakeholders.
  • This course is for public administration professionals, not suitable for elected officials.

Upcoming Sessions

  • EXASB 6101 Leading & Managing in Municipalities (21 hours fully online) = October 3-5 
  • EXASB 6102  Leading Self & Others (14 hours fully online) = November 6-7
  • EXASB 6103 Change Management (14 hours fully online) = December 6-7
  • EXASB 6104 Negotiations & Stakeholder Engagement (21 hours fully online) = January 23-25
  • EXASB 6105 Sustainable Leadership Summit (14 hours on person delivery)March 14-15 
  • 1 (one) MBA Elective of your choosing is also required for parchment/graduation.  MBA Elective Options for the ECML credential (must be completed as a pass/fail outcome) include:
    • SEM 643 - Strategic Management in the Public Sector
    • SEM 638 - Corporate Sustainability
    • SEM 678 - Managing Business-Government Relations
    • SEM 640 - Public Policy
    • SEM 502 – Organizational Strategy
    • SEM 644 - Public Sector Leadership


Registration is via BearTracks.  Details on how to enrol are available through the link below.  If you do have any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out.

ECML Registration Guide


Program Overview