English as a Second Language

Demonstrating fluency in English

Applicants to the Centre collégial de l'Alberta do not need to demonstrate fluency in English before admission. However, they must demonstrate fluency before obtaining a certificate or diploma from the University of Alberta. 

Before admission

English admission criteria

To demonstrate competency in English before admission, candidates must pass a course or equivalent test. The specific criteria for the equivalent tests vary between the CCA's different programs. Verify the specific criteria in the corresponding the following pages:

Before graduation

Admission without English fluency

Students admitted without having met the English admission criteria must, normally in the first two years of their program, gain fluency in English. 

Placement test

When a student admitted without the English admission criteria first registers at the Centre collégial de l'Alberta, they must also register for and take an English placement test. This test evaluates the student's competency in English to place them in the appropriate level English as a second language courses below. 

The test includes questions on sentence structure, reading comprehension, analysis, and synthesis. The test lasts an hour and a half. No preparation is necessary for the test. The exam is divided in four parts: 
  1. Language structure
  2. Reading comprehension
  3. Reading comprehension and writing
  4. Writing

English as a second language courses

In the University of Alberta Calendar, all courses except those taught by Campus Saint-Jean are described in English. For this reason, course descriptions are not available in French for the Centre collégial de l'Alberta's programs. Please switch to the French version of this page to read the official course descriptions. 

ALS to ELA Equivalencies

The ALS 120 course is equivalent to English Language Arts (ELA) 20. The ALS 125 course is equivalent to English Language Arts 30. 

For more information

For more information, please communicate with your student councillor on the student services page