Awards for Teaching Excellence

“At the University of Alberta, we prepare students to be creative, collaborative, and confident global citizens who are inspired to make their mark on the world.”

The Centre for Teaching and Learning supports this teaching mission by partnering with instructors and departments to create transformative learning experiences for U of A’s diverse and dynamic student body.

Under the purview of the Office of the Vice-Provost, CTL holds primary responsibility for professional development of teaching practice at the U of A. The unit supports the university in meeting its core commitments and strategic priorities by offering responsive, strategic expertise and services that inspire, empower, and challenge instructors to integrate research-supported, inclusive approaches into their teaching praxis, and to engage in a process of continuous development of teaching practice.

Programming and Services

CTL’s wide-ranging programming and services are designed to model effective teaching and to equip instructors with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to provide students with exceptional learning experiences and to meet the university’s teaching and learning goals:

  • Workshops: These workshops target skill building and the development of knowledge and self-awareness for integration into instructors’ teaching practice. Workshops can be stand-alone sessions or a series focused on a theme. They are offered in person, online, or hybridly.
  • CTL Talks: Focus on sharing information and ideas on teaching while role modeling engaging lecture styles/techniques. CTL Talks are stand-alone sessions or a series focused on a theme. Offered in-person, online, or hybridly.
  • Cohort Learning Groups: Semester-long, interdisciplinary learning cohorts focused on: 1) reading circles that engage with a pedagogical text or, 2) communities of practice and care aiming to co-create and role model the experience of relational, equitable, and accessible learning communities. Offered online.
  • Consultations: One-on-one or group solution-focused discussion with a CTL team member on topics related to pedagogy and course/program design and delivery.

Public-Facing Resource: Teaching During Global and Geopolitical Crisis

Public-Facing Resource: Teaching During Global and Geopolitical Crisis

We have curated the following list of resources to provide those involved with learning / teaching with accessible and concrete approaches that may help support affected students in trauma-informed and relational ways during a time of geopolitical crisis.  Learn more.

Teaching in the Context of AI

Teaching in the Context of AI

Welcome to U of A CTL’s dedicated section on the use of AI tools and applications in teaching and learning!  Learn more.

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indigenizing and decolonizing teaching and learning

Indigenizing and Decolonizing

Discover resources on indigenizing and decolonizing teaching and learning.


Digital Pedagogies and Access

Learn more about our Community of Practice and Care.


Framework for Effective Teaching

Developed to help instructors better their teaching practice.


Course Design Rubric

Review your online course and ensure effective EDI and design principles are incorporated.


Podcasts, Videos and Articles

Search our growing list of podcasts episodes and YouTube videos.