Dr. Cathryn van Kessel from Secondary Education and Jennifer Ward and Ellen Watson from the CTL talk about how instructors might promote community by addressing potentially harmful comments made by students (especially those related to the COVID 19 pandemic). Listen to the podcast and read the article.

The Quad (Nov 26): Centring Indigenization and Decolonizing of the Academy

Centring Indigenization and Decolonizing of the Academy
By Jennifer Ward and Jillian Ames

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Academic Indigenization is designed to support the reform of faculty’s instructional, planning and evaluation practices, and is meant to offer every graduating student an opportunity to learn about Indigenous peoples, histories, contributions, and ways of knowing.

Teaching Remotely Series Podcast

In this episode, CTL instructional designer, Jordan Long, and educational developer, Jen Ward, discuss remote teaching from an indigenous perspective with Faculty of Native Studies professor Dr. Paul Gareau. Paul and Jen discuss how to create relationality and community in an online learning environment. Listen here