The Elder Podcast with Elder John Bigstone and Andrea Menard

Cree Elder John Bigstone (osow kihew ᐅᓱᐤ ᑭᐦᐁᐤ), discusses his journey through residential school and his life now as a community leader, counsellor, and healing and wellness facilitator with Andrea Menard, CTL's Lead Educational Developer, Indigenizing Curricula and Pedagogies. Together they shed light on Indigenous ways of teaching, learning, and knowing that move beyond traditional Western academic structures. Listen to the podcast

Resources for Indigenizing and Decolonizing
(Last updated Jan. 19, 2024)

Explore this dynamic repository of knowledge which includes academic articles from Indigenous academics, supplemental resources: dissertations, manuscripts, and policy papers from Indigenous peoples, scholarly works by Indigenous academics, and more.

  • Academic Articles from Indigenous Academics
  • Supplemental Resources: Dissertations, Manuscripts, & Policy Papers from Indigenous Peoples
  • National and Instrumental Instruments
  • Intersections of Allyship: Non-Indigenous Scholarly Contributions to Anti-Racism and Indigenous Studies
  • Scholarly Works by Indigenous Academics: A Curated Selection: Books
  • Literary Voices: A Collection of Novels and Poetry by Indigenous Authors
  • Indigenous Knowledge and Education Portals
  • Diverse Indigenous Online Resources
  • Indigenous Narratives and Collaborative Storytelling: Films and Documentaries Highlighting Indigenous Experiences
  • Exploring Identity and Reconciliation: The Television Series 'Little Bird' and Its Portrayal of Indigenous Experiences
  • Voices of Sovereignty: Indigenous-Created Podcasts Sharing Perspectives and Knowledge
  • Narratives from the Land: 'ôtênaw' and the Living Heritage of nêhiyaw Storytelling
  • Digital Narratives: Showcasing Indigenous Perspectives through Photography, Law, and Cultural Blogs
  • Indigenous News

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Academic Indigenization is designed to support the reform of faculty’s instructional, planning and evaluation practices, and is meant to offer every graduating student an opportunity to learn about Indigenous peoples, histories, contributions, and ways of knowing.

CBC Radio Active: Post Secondary Indigenous Teaching

What does meaningful change look like when it comes to truth and reconciliation in our post-secondary classrooms? That's something Andrea Menard is working daily to address. She's the lead educational developer for Indigenizing curricula and pedagogies at the University of Alberta. She's Métis, originally from the Red River Métis Settlement in Treaty 1 territory.
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Teaching Remotely Series Podcast

In this episode, CTL instructional designer, Jordan Long, and educational developer, Jen Ward, discuss remote teaching from an indigenous perspective with Faculty of Native Studies professor Dr. Paul Gareau. Paul and Jen discuss how to create relationality and community in an online learning environment.
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Centring Indigenization and Decolonizing of the Academy

Featured in The Quad. By Jennifer Ward and Jillian Ames.
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