Corbett Aphasia Rehabilitation + Education (CARE)

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The Corbett Aphasia Rehabilitation and Education (CARE) program is for people with aphasia and their families to access speech and language therapy and to connect with each other. CARE started offering programming in January 2021. CARE uses the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA) to help members increase participation and re-engage in life.

About Us

CARE is overseen by Registered Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) in the Communication Sciences and Disorders department at the University of Alberta. Working alongside them, will be SLP students in clinical placements.

CARE runs groups year round with a summer break in August. Most groups are provided online. Some groups are provided in-person on the University of Alberta campus.

Summer 2024 CARE program

  • Groups will be offered on Thursdays and Fridays
  • Groups will begin May 16, 2024 and end July 26, 2024

Thursday Schedule - see group descriptions below

  • 9:00 - 10:15 AM ⇒ Travel Club (virtual)
  • 11:00 - 12:15 PM ⇒ Cooking/Baking group (in-person @ Corbett Hall)
  • 1:00 - 2:15 PM ⇒ Toastmasters (virtual) 

Friday Schedule - see group descriptions below

  • 9:00 - 10:15 AM ⇒ CARE to read 1 - high level readers (virtual)
  • 9:00 - 10:15 AM ⇒ CARE to read 2 - low level readers (virtual)
  • 11:00 - 12:15 PM ⇒ Coffee & Chat (in-person @ Corbett Hall)
  • Each group costs $20 per session (e.g. the Summer 2024 semester will have 11 sessions and will cost a total of $220)
    • Cooking/Baking group will have an additional $25 materials fee (e.g., this group will therefore cost $245)
  • Clients who cannot afford this and can demonstrate a need for support can apply for subsidized funding. 
  • Please contact or 780-492-5314 for more information, or to request an application.


  • If you are a new client and are interested in attending CARE groups, please first complete our Corbett Clinic Intake Form
  • SLP (and other professional) referrals are welcome.
  • Self referrals are welcome.
  • If you have reports (i.e., medical reports, SLP assessment/treatment reports) these can be sent via fax (780-492-9333) or as an encrypted document via email to
  • If you are an existing/returning client, you will automatically be sent registration information before each clinical semester.
Thank-you to: Corbett clinic for offering this great program; (the clinicians) for your dedication & assistance; my fellow attendees for your support & empathy. CARE Toastmasters has been a great help in increasing my focus over longer periods of time & has increased my confidence enabling me to speak up more readily for the things that matter to me. For example: I negotiated this winter with the managers of my residence about access to the courtyard area. My family has noticed that I am putting more words together & coming across more clearly in my communication. With these greater skills I would like to be able to engage more people, those with speech challenges or anyone I fancy to talk to.
Thank-you again to all the wonderful people who have played a part in this CARE Toastmasters session. I feel encouraged & I plan to continue improving my speech which I have learned takes 'practice, practice, practice'.  I'd love to attend another (CARE group) in the near future.
CARE participant (Fall 2023)

Group Descriptions

Only a selection of the following groups will be run each semester.

Caregiver Training

  • This group is available to family members.
  • This group is designed to increase understanding of aphasia, how to best enhance participation, and learn communication strategies.
  • Opportunities to practice these communication strategies with your loved one may be offered near the end of the course.
  • Open to all levels.

Coffee + Chat

  • Join us for an opportunity to connect and share stories/experiences with other people who have aphasia while sipping on your favourite hot (or cold) beverage!
  • Open to all levels.

Community Conversations

  • This group will focus on talking, writing and understanding.
  • Some weeks we may engage in education and advocacy by educating the members of our community about Aphasia and communication accessibility.
  • This may include outings to various businesses, improving the CARE website, creating educational materials about aphasia, etc.
  • Open to all levels.

CARE to Read 1 (higher level readers)

  • The focus of this group will be reading and talking.
  • This group will read 1 book over the 11 weeks.
  • Members of this group will read the book with some supporting documents.
  • The group members will select the book.
  • Open to higher level readers comfortable reading paragraphs.

CARE to read 2 (lower level readers)

  • The focus of this group will be reading and talking.
  • This group will read 1 book over the 11 weeks.
  • Members of this group will read chapter summaries created by the clinicians.
  • The group members will select the book.
  • Open to lower level readers comfortable reading phrases and sentences.

CARE for Women

  • This group will combine talking and social opportunities.
  • Experiences (e.g. Chocolate tasting, yoga) that allow communication opportunities may also be included.
  • Open only to women with aphasia.

Cooking/Baking Group

  • This group will have discussions about food and do some baking/cooking together.
  • There is an additional $25 materials fee for those who join this group.
  • Open to all levels.

Current Events

  • The focus of this group will be talking and understanding.
  • We will read / watch current events and have discussions about this.
  • Open to all levels.

Drop in conversation group

  • This group will combine talking and social opportunities within facilitated large and small group discussions.
  • Activities might include sharing personal stories, games (e.g., "Guess Who", "Jeopardy") or discussion of current events.
  • Open to all levels.

Movement + Aphasia

  • This group will focus on communication and movement.
  • A variety of movements will be explored, including: yoga, tai chi, dance, stretching, etc.
  • Each week there will be movement, exercises and activities to get your body moving.
  • Communication activities will be related to the movements and exercises.
  • Open to all communication and physical ability levels.

Music Appreciation

  • This Group will listen to and discuss a different genre of music each week to target conversation.
  • Open to all levels.

Podcast group

  • This group will listen to and discuss Podcast episodes each week to target conversation.
  • Open to all levels.


  • This group focuses on talking and understanding.
  • Each week we will watch and discuss a different TV show pilot program.
  • Participants must have access to Netflix.
  • Open to all levels.


  • This group will use TEDTalks and other inspirational reading/watching tools to get the conversation going.
  • Open to all levels.


  • This group will focus on talking.
  • Weekly speeches and functional scripts can be practiced.
  • Each week will have a new theme.
  • Open to all levels.

Travel Club

  • This group will use virtual travel to visit a new location each week to target conversation.
  • Open to all levels.

Writing club

  • This group will focus on written language skills.
  • Participants will have an opportunity to work on different writing projects (e.g., texts, emails, letters, short stories) depending on ability level and interests.
  • Technological support will be used as appropriate.
  • Open to all levels.