Master's Program

*Accepting applications from mid-January 2025 to the application deadline of March 1, 2025 for a new cohort to begin the program in Summer 2025.

Program Description

The University of Alberta Master's Program in School Counselling is designed for full-time teachers employed in Edmonton and surrounding area schools (i.e. within commuting distance to Edmonton) who have been identified by their Principals as strong candidates for expanding their professional development to take on school counselling roles. It is a 26 month, 36 credit hour, part-time degree program that coincides with teachers' work schedules, with a requirement of completion of a final capstone project. Course instruction occurs on alternate Saturdays during the months of September to April, followed by 6 consecutive weeks of course work each year on-site at the University during the summer months when school is out. The courses are delivered through the university, whereas the practicum training and supervision is offered through teachers' schools of employment or other schools in their local districts.

The program prepares teachers to implement individual, group, and class/school-based interventions to: (a) promote students' personal and social development, (b) enhance students' academic achievement, (c) facilitate students' career decision-making, (d) engage in school-based crisis management, (e) coordinate linkages between families, the school and the community, and (f) identify students at risk for program development or referral purposes.

Typically, 15 students are admitted to the program every alternate year and proceed through the program as a cohort, with the deadline for application being March 1st every second year. Upon gaining admission to the program, students start the program in the summer term.

Admission Requirements

The program supports the professional development of teachers who are already employed full-time within Edmonton and surrounding area school systems and who have their principal's or school board's support in obtaining practicum experience and supervision as a counsellor trainee within their school/district.

Admission to the program is based on applicants meeting the entrance requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Alberta, as well as the School Counselling program. Minimum admission requirements are:

  • A four-year undergraduate degree in education from a recognized institution
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0 or 6.5/9.0 on the most recent 60 credits of coursework completed
  • Strong letters of reference from people who are very familiar with the applicant's personal and interpersonal skills and the quality of work he/she has done in the school context, such as school principals, supervisors, or school consultants
  • A letter from the school principal or school board indicating their commitment to supporting the applicant's professional development by guaranteeing the applicant both a practicum placement as a counsellor-trainee for one school day per week during the 2nd year of the program, and release time from teaching duties for the same one day period per week in the 2nd year of the program
  • A letter from the practicum supervisor the applicant has secured for this school counselling placement guaranteeing supervisory support in the second year of the applicant's program - the supervisor must have a Master's degree in School Counselling or equivalent (i.e., a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology, School Psychology, or Social Work).

Financial Information

Since this is a professional development program for working teachers, teachers should inquire with their schools and districts about financial support for program courses and salary support during the 2nd year practicum when they go down to .8 of their full-time teaching duties to directly engage in school counselling. Some districts provide funding for program and practicum completion.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 33 course credits, and a 3 credit Capping Project.

1. Required Core Courses *33

  • EDPY 501 (*3) Research Methods in Education
  • EDPY 526 (*3) Career Counselling Theory & Practice
  • EDPY 532 (*3) Systems of Counselling
  • EDPY 535 (*3) Learning and Human Development
  • EDPY 536 (*3) Ethical and Professional Issues in Psychological Practice
  • EDPY 537 (*3) Basic Skills, Issues and Attitudes in School Counselling
  • EDPY 544 (*3) Principles of Psychological Testing & Assessment
  • EDPY 548 (*3) Group-Based School Counselling
  • EDPY 550 (*6) School Counselling Practicum (Full Year)
  • EDPY 551 (*3) Counselling Children & Adolescents 

2. Capping Project *3

  • EDPY 903 (*3) Capping Project in School Counselling

3. FGSR Ethics and Academic Citizenship Requirement

All students enrolled in Master’s programs at the University of Alberta are automatically registered in INTD 710 (interdisciplinary studies 710) in their first semester of study in their graduate programs. This online course includes mandatory training modules that all students must complete which address ethics in research and practice, academic integrity, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Students in our program must also complete EDPY 501 during their program, which is one of the required program courses in research methods, to fulfill their ethics and academic integrity requirement.

Length of Program

Normally, this program is taken over a 26 month period, with the maximum time allowed to complete the program being 6 years.