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Canadian Medical Students

All Canadian Medical Students should apply online through the AFMC portal.

For more information please visit the AFMC website.

When you have an elective confirmed, you will be emailed an orientation package at least six weeks prior to your start date.

An elective in Emergency Medicine offers you a wide variety of interesting patients and clinical challenges. Under the supervision of an Emergency Physician, you will examine patients and develop proficiency in the initial assessment and management of undiagnosed diseases and injuries. You will observe and assist in the initial management and assessment of major medical, surgical and other emergencies. You will perform a variety of outpatient procedures, under supervision.

Because several other groups (residents, rotating students, military doctors, etc.) also use the ED to gain clinical experience, we must limit the number of students in the ED at any one time.

Each student's elective schedule will involve evening, night, and weekend shifts.


Electives are available to Year 3 and Year 4 medical students; due to learner demand and site capacities, third-year students are permitted to apply for electives starting in the spring/summer prior to their fourth year (eg: C2025 can apply for March 2024 start dates and onward).

Open to all medical students attending a Canadian medical school. Visiting students are now required to apply through the AFMC portal: https://www.afmcstudentportal.ca/institution/uAlberta#/


  1. Develop clinical skills, judgment and knowledge in assessing and diagnosing patients with emergent problems.
  2. Become familiar with the initial assessment, stabilization and resuscitation of seriously ill or injured patients.
  3. Develop skill at performing a variety of Emergency procedures and techniques.

Duration of Elective

Clinical electives may be from two to four weeks in length.


Year 1 and Year 2 medical students attending the University of Alberta are able to participate in formal shadow shifts at the University of Alberta and Royal Alexandra Hospitals. Available shifts are released on a monthly basis. If you are interested please contact emugme@ualberta.ca.

How to Apply

Contact one of the following contacts depending on where you are attending medical school.