Graduate Program

Our graduate program is based out of the School of Public Health and the Department of Medicine, both at the University of Alberta. We have contributed to the training of over 50 graduate students in the MPH, MSc and PhD programs over the past 15 years. The graduate students generally participate in clinical, health systems and/or public/population health research focusing on emergency medicine issues such as: cardio-respiratory diseases, injury prevention, operations management, and neurological issues.

Summer Student Research Program

Our summer research training program gives highly rated undergraduates the chance to contribute to ongoing studies in the Emergency Medicine Research Group (EMeRG®). We also provide support to students who develop and pursue their own summer research studies. At our annual Research Day, students present their work alongside research from throughout the Department of Emergency Medicine, and enjoy lectures from guest experts in the field of Emergency Medicine research.

Annual application deadline is December 15th.                                                             

To apply, submit your CV to Dr. Uirá Wisnesky (