WRITE 393 B1: Intermediate Prose Fiction: The Elements of Story

T. Wharton

WRITE 393 will deepen your engagement with the writing craft and help you explore the possibilities of storytelling in general and the short story in particular. In this intermediate fiction-writing course students will workshop two story drafts during the term and revise one of these stories as a final draft. There will be additional in-class and take-home exercises. The final draft will be accompanied by a short essay on your writing and revision process. Discussion topics covered will include story shapes, engaging and sustaining a reader’s attention, character development and conflict. There is no final examination.

Students may self-enroll in this course provided they have completed or are currently registered in the prerequisite introductory course, WRITE 295. A minimum final grade of B+ in 295 is strongly recommended for those who wish to continue in 393. For more information please contact the instructor, Prof. T Wharton (twharton@ualberta.ca). Individual WRITE courses may be taken without enrolment in a degree program.