History & Classics 3-Minute Thesis Results

History & Classics 3-Minute Thesis Results

Margriet Haagsma, Associate Chair (Graduate) - 24 February 2017

Eight brave History & Classics graduate students presented their thesis research in three minutes each. All did a great job and many who attended indicated it would worth doing it again next year.

The adjudicators ruled as follows: 1. James White, 2 Ashley Sims, 3. Shaun McKinnon. Congrats to them all! All three will automatically move on to the UofA semi-finals on March 20-24th.

FGSR's Renee Polziehn, Professional Development & Community Volunteer Program Director, noted the high quality of all presentations and encouraged the other presenters to register for the semi-finals as well. Click here to Register for the semi-finals.Thanks, to Renee for showing her support and attending our event.

Many thanks go to our HCGSA for helping to organize this first time event. Thanks too to the adjudicators, Heather Coleman, David Marples, James Muir and Frances Pownall and finally to Lindsey Rose and Lia Watkin for all of their support.