John-Paul Himka

Professor Emeritus




Ph.D. Michigan (1977)
B.A. Michigan (1971)

Research & Publications

Most of my publications, and unpublished papers, on twentieth-century Ukrainian history are available at


Ukrainian Nationalists and the Holocaust: OUN and UPA’s Participation in the Destruction of Ukrainian Jewry, 1941-1944. Hanover: ibidem-Verlag, 2021.

Last Judgment Iconography in the Carpathians. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009. Color pictures of Last Judgment iconography

Religion and Nationality in Western Ukraine: The Greek Catholic Church and the Ruthenian National Movement in Galicia, 1867-1900. Montreal; Kingston, Ontario; London; Ithaca: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1999.

Galician Villagers and the Ukrainian National Movement in the Nineteenth Century. Edmonton, London and New York: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Macmillan, St. Martin's Press, 1988. Out of print. Download

Socialism in Galicia: The Emergence of Polish Social Democracy and Ukrainian Radicalism (1860-1890). Cambridge, MA: Distributed by Harvard University Press for the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 1983.

Selected Articles:

“OUN and Fascism, Definitions and Blood.” Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 7, no. 2 (2021): 166-75.

"The Reception of the Holocaust in Postcommunist Ukraine." In Bringing the Dark Past to Light: The Reception of the Holocaust in Post-Communist Europe, ed. John-Paul Himka and Joanna Beata Michlic, 626-61. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2013.

“The Lviv Pogrom of 1941: The Germans, Ukrainian Nationalists, and the Carnival Crowd.” Canadian Slavonic Papers 53, no. 2-3-4 (June-September-December 2011): 209-43.

"War Criminality: A Blank Spot in the Collective Memory of the Ukrainian Diaspora." Spaces of Identity 5, no. 1 (April 2005).

"Episodes in the Historiography of the Ukrainian Icon." Journal of Ukrainian Studies 29, nos. 1-2 (Summer-Winter 2004): 149-67.

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"Western Ukraine between the Wars." Canadian Slavonic Papers 34, no. 4 (December 1992): 391-412.

Expertise & Research Interests

  • Ukraine
  • Eastern Europe
  • Iconography of the Eastern Church
  • Memory of World War II
  • Holocaust