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City: Mitaka, Tokyo Country: Japan

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What International Christian University (ICU) has to offer:

  • The first liberal arts college founded in Japan.
  • A welcoming international environment comprised of students from 50 different countries.
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds! Located in a wooded campus of 153-acres, just 30 minutes outside of Central Tokyo.
  • Emphasizes the importance of "dialogue" in learning - ICU's student to full-time faculty ratio is 20:1.
  • Offers a variety of on-campus extracurricular activities like the Karate Club, the ICU Football Club, the Debating Society, the Idol Culture Group, and the Calligraphy Club.
  • Offers strong Japanese Language Programs (JLP) with a wide range of levels; you can start learning Japanese at ICU. A special Japanese program for heritage/native speakers is also available.
  • Offers a "Japan Studies One-Year Certificate Program".
  • Yuichi Kurimoto Award for Japan Business Students: Bachelor of Commerce students may be eligible for a fully funded experience. Award value will be dependent on the length of the program and program costs.

When Can I Go?

Terms Offered: Fall, Winter, Full Year

Term Dates:

Autumn Term: September - November

Spring Term (i.e., the equivalent to UAlberta's Winter term): April - June

Full Year: September - June (includes ICU's Winter term running from December to March)

Eligibility Requirements

Open to: All Faculties

Level: Undergraduate, Graduate (MA)

This exchange requires a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Students with a GPA in the range of 2.5 - 3.0 may still be considered, however, but they would need to submit an additional letter of recommendation from a UAlberta professor with the ICU part of their exchange application.

See Eligibility.

Course Information

Language of Instruction: English, Japanese

Field of Study: All

International Christian University Course Information

International Christian University Credit Information

Students on a Spring Term exchange might be able to take a 3-credit, "JPS202 Community Service in Japanese Society" course. Class size is usually capped at 20 students so it is important to sign up for it as soon as possible.

Students on a Full-Year exchange (specifically during the Winter Term) might be able to take a 3-credit, "GES046 S2: Service Learning" course.


International Christian University Accommodation

Please note that the capacity for on-campus housing for students choosing only a 1-term exchange is limited. Off-campus housing might be the best option in this situation; a popular option is "Oak House", located 15 minutes by bicycle from campus. Usually, there are several exchange students living in Oak House with other Japanese students.

Program Contact

University of Alberta International, Education Abroad

Credit Transfer History

  • International Christian University
    Course at Host Institution Faculty UAlberta Subject Area UAlberta Course Equivalency Credit Hours Notes
    HST 222 History of Japan in Asia Arts History 2XX 3
    LIT 117 Modern Japanese literature in English translation Arts Japanese 322 3
    MCC 219 Language, Politics and the Media Arts Arts Option 2XX 3
    JLP 012 Japanese 2 Arts Japanese 2XX 6 NTD JAPAN 201
    MCC 274 Persuasion and Language Arts Arts Option 2XX 3
    MCC 237 Media Translation Arts Arts Option 2XX 3
    JLP 015 Japanese 5 Arts Japanese 4XX 6 NTD JAPAN 401
    MCC 251 Contemporary Japan: from Ramune to Anime Arts East Asian Studies 2XX 3
    JLP 015 J5:Japanese Arts Japanese 3XX 6
    JLP 014 Japanese 4 Arts Japanese 3XX 3 NTD JAPAN 301/302
    JLP 013 Japanese 3 Arts Japanese 2XX 6 NTD JAPAN 202
    JLP 003 Intensive Japanese III Arts Japanese 4XX 12 NTD JAPAN 401/402
    HST 106 History of Japan (modern) III Arts History 2XX 3 NTD HIST 382
    HST 221 History of contemporary Japan Arts History 2XX 3 NTD HIST 382
    MCC 101 An introduction to language and culture in Japan Arts East Asian Studies 2XX 6 NTD EASIA 260