Health Ethics Symposium 2021


The broad objective of our symposium is to promote ethical engagement and critical reflection on how we as a society have responded and continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve this goal, we are gathering together individuals with varied disciplinary perspectives and different content expertise, such as infectious diseases, public health, critical care medicine, health law, and health ethics. We have chosen topics that have appeared not only in the media but also those that continue to preoccupy health care professionals and other members of our society, recognizing all of our lives have been affected in different yet sustained ways through this pandemic.

We hope that this symposium's topic appeals to students, academics, staff, and professionals within and beyond health care. We certainly welcome participation from general members of the public who have an interest in this topic.

Please note that this symposium is offered without cost to ensure accessibility. We accept donations to the John Dossetor Health Centre through our website which help to sustain our centre's mission.