Health Ethics Symposium 2022

Symposium 2022


Bodily autonomy is an important topic for contemporary health ethics. At its core, it is a fundamental right expressing “my body is for me”. Bodily autonomy relates to basic life choices: how an individual chooses to dress and express themselves, how an individual chooses who and how they love, and what decisions are afforded to them for their health and well-being. While bodily autonomy relates to feminism, it is a concept that applies to everyone, regardless of their gender, sexuality, or body.

Across the world certain individuals continue to have their right to bodily autonomy compromised. One only needs to turn on the news to hear of people systematically being denied the ability to make gender expression choices, relationship/social choices, and contraception/reproductive choices. At this moment in history, society would appear to be regressive rather than progressive in supporting bodily autonomy.

The purpose of this conference is to explore the ethics of bodily autonomy by bringing together experts in bodily autonomy research for presentations and shared dialogue. Speakers will include Doris Kieser (theology), Gillian Lemermeyer (nursing), Tracey Bailey (health law), Vangie Bergum (nursing), and Michael van Manen (medicine).





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