Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education (combined degrees)

PED Class

This five-year combined degree program focuses on combining the art and science of kinesiology with the fundamentals of education. The program provides students a specialization in human performance while also providing accreditation as a teacher in either Elementary or Secondary education. Graduates of this program receive both a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree as well as a Bachelor of Education degree.

Sample of courses in this degree

  • EDU 100 - Contexts of Education
  • KIN 100 - Human Anatomy
  • KIN 101 - Introduction to Human Physiology
  • KIN 205 - Introduction to Outdoor Environmental Education
  • KIN 240 - Introduction to Sports Injury Management
  • KIN 245 - Introduction to the Profession of Coaching
  • EDPY 304 - Adolescent Development & Learning
  • KIN 320 - Structure and Strategy of Games
  • KRLS 371 - Assessment & Evaluation in Physical Activity for Children & Youth
  • EDPY 410 - Ethics and Law in Teaching Youth and Children

Admission Requirements

Career opportunities for graduates of the Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education program include: elementary/junior high/high school teacher, curriculum consultant, personal trainer, recreation and sport administrator, and educator in public, non-profit or private industries.

Certificate Opportunities

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