Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education (combined degrees)

PED Class

This five year combined degree program focuses on combining the art and science of kinesiology with the fundamentals of education. The program provides students a specialization in human performance while also providing accreditation as a teacher in either Elementary or Secondary education. Graduates of this program receive both a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree as well as a Bachelor of Education degree.

Sample of courses in this degree

  • EDU 100 - Contexts of Education
  • KIN 100 - Human Anatomy
  • KIN 101 - Introduction to Human Physiology
  • KIN 205 - Introduction to Outdoor Environmental Education
  • KIN 240 - Introduction to Sports Injury Management
  • KIN 245 - Introduction to the Profession of Coaching
  • EDPY 304 - Adolescent Development & Learning
  • KIN 320 - Structure and Strategy of Games
  • KRLS 371 - Assessment & Evaluation in Physical Activity for Children & Youth
  • EDPY 410 - Ethics and Law in Teaching Youth and Children

Admission Requirements

Career opportunities for graduates of the Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education program include: Elementary/Junior High/High School teacher, Curriculum Consultant, Personal Trainer, Recreation and Sport Administrator, and educator in public, non-profit or private industries.

Certificate Opportunities

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