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I Blame Gwyneth

Commercialization and Stem Cell Research: A Review of Emerging Issues

Reflections on Perceptions of Promise: Biotechnology, Society and Art

Angelina Jolie's faulty gene: newspaper coverage of a celebrity's preventive bilateral mastectomy in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom

Naturopaths and the creep of pseudo-­science

The global landscape of stem cell clinical trials

Reflections on the Cost of "Low-Cost" Whole Genome Sequencing: Framing the Health Policy Debate

Policy Options: Time to encourage organ donation

CNTRP Fast Policy Facts

A Role for Patient Advocacy Groups in Countering the Premature Commercialization of Stem Cell Interventions

"Is a cure in my sight?" Multi-stakeholder perspectives on phase I choroideremia gene transfer clinical trials

Irresistible Impulse and the Mental Disorder Defence: the Criminal Code, the Charter, and the Neuroscience of Control

Section 8 of the Charter: Cost-benefit Analysis in Constitutional Interpretation

The Increasing Involvement of Physicians in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Considerations of Professional Regulation and Patient Safety

Policy Options: The Paradoxes of Pop Science

Informed Consent and Patient Comprehension: The Law and the Evidence

What Is the Role of Regulation in the Management and Prevention of Obesity?

Policy Uncertainty, Sequencing, and Cell Lines

Public Health Law & Policy in Canada, 3rd Edition

Incidental Findings in the Era of Whole Genome Sequencing?

Law, Policy and Reproductive Autonomy

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing - where should we focus the policy debate?

When Pictures Waste a Thousand Words: Analysis of the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic on Television News.

Ethics and Genomic Incidental Findings

The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) recently issued a statement (1) recommending that all laboratories conducting clinical...

Patents and misplaced Angst: lessons for translational stem cell research from genomics.

Reassessing direct-to-consumer portrayals of unproven stem cell therapies: is it getting better?

Aim: To determine whether increased scrutiny of 'stem cell tourism' has resulted in changes to online claims by clinics that provide putative...

The Assisted Human Reproduction Act Reference and the Thin Line Between Health and Crime

When should health be treated as a subject of criminal law? With respect to health, the Constitution Act, 18671 does not specifically assign...

What's Missing? Discussing Stem Cell Translational Research in Educational Information on Stem Cell "Tourism"

Incorporating Exclusion Clauses into Informed Consent for Biobanking

Global trade and assisted reproductive technologies: regulatory challenges in international surrogacy.

Patent landscaping for life sciences innovation: toward consistent and transparent practices.

Harm, hype and evidence: ELSI research and policy guidance

Policies and Initiatives Aimed at Addressing Research Misconduct in High-Income Countries

Cell therapy research and innovation: Identifying the emerging privacy challenges

Cancer Patient Perceptions on the Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Biobanking

Position Statement on the Provision and Procurement of Human Eggs for Stem Cell Research

Prospects for scaling-up supervised injection facilities in Canada: the role of evidence in legal and political decision-making.

Pharmaceutical care and access to health information decisions involving minors: Characterizing the pharmacist's obligation to the patient

Commentary: the law, unproven CAM and the referral challenge

Restricting marketing to children: Consensus on policy interventions to address obesity

Newspaper portrayals of spinal manipulation therapy: Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom

Media, politics and science policy: MS and evidence from the CCSVI Trenches

Using and Abusing Evidence in Science and Health Policy

2012 Highlights in Translational 'Omics

The false promise of false science: Homeopathy as pseudoscience

Chinese Newspaper Coverage of (Unproven) Stem Cell Therapies and their Providers

Incorporating Exclusion Clauses into Informed Consent for Biobanking

Getting Closer to a Fully Correctable and Connected Research Literature

Promoting Public Trust: ESCROs Won't Fix the Problem of Stem Cell Tourism

Cancer patients perceptions on the ethical and legal issues related to biobanking