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BMJ Open: Representations of the health value of vitamin D supplementation in newspapers: media content analysis

To examine the nature of media coverage of vitamin D in relation to its role in health and the need for supplements.

"Science Powers Commerce": Mapping the Language, Justifi cations, and Perceptions of the Drive to Commercialize in the Context of Canadian Research

Research ethics and stem cells Is it time to re‐think current approaches to oversight?

Representations of Stem Cell Clinics on Twitter

GMO Labelling and the Consumer's right to Know: a Comparative review Of the Legal bases for the Consumer's right to Genetically Modified food Labelling

The face of chiropractic: evidence-based?

Policy Options: Organic Ideologies

Unproven stem cell-based interventions & physicians' professional obligations; a qualitative study with medical regulatory authorities in Canada.

Physician Liability and Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Professional Regulation: A Potentially Valuable Tool in Responding to "Stem Cell Tourism"

Stem Cell Tourism and Public Education: The Missing Elements

Defining medical necessity in an age of personalised medicine: A view from Canada

Policy Options: Fitness Fantasies

The Ethics of Biobanking: Is the Public on Board?

SafetyNET: An interdisciplinary research program to support a safety culture for spinal manipulation therapy

Newspaper coverage of biobanks

Scientists' perspectives on consent in the context of biobanking research.

Ocular gene transfer in the spotlight: implications of newspaper content for clinical communications

Tauer, C.A., Master, Z. and Campo-Engelstein, L. 2014. Volume 2. II Embryo Research. Bioethics, 4th Edition. Ed. Bruce Jennings. Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference USA. Pp. 923-935.

Policy Options: It's not all in the genes

What is the role of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) within provincial health care frameworks?

Medical Ethics Advisor. Published by AHC Media, Atlanta, GA. Phone: (800) 688-2421. Email: Website: Medical Ethics Advisor

Representations of Stem Cell Clinics on Twitter

Authorship ethics in global health research partnerships between researchers from low or middle income countries and high income countries - Z Master

Incentives and organ donation: What's (really) legal in Canada?

Policy Options: Integrating Nonsense?

Human genetic research, race, ethnicity and the labeling of populations: recommendations based on an interdisciplinary workshop in Japan

Policy Options: Easy test. Tough answers.

A review of the key issues associated with the commercialization of biobanks

Industry involvement in publicly funded biobanks

Policy recommendations for addressing privacy challenges associated with cell-based research and interventions

Policy Options: To a healthy and gimmick-free 2014!

Who Owns Diagnostic Specimens in the Era of Personalized Medicine?

The Right to Control and Access Genetic Research Information: Does McInerney Offer a Way Out of the Consent/Withdrawal Conundrum?

Financial incentives to increase canadian organ donation: quick fix or fallacy?


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