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Medical Law International: The challenge of human challenge research models: A Canadian perspective

Research in which healthy volunteers are exposed to pathogens or other aetiologic agents that may cause disease remains controversial. Proponents...

Sage Journals: Pragmatic clinical trials and the consent process

Publication by Blake Murdoch and Timothy Caulfield.

Journal of Law and Biosciences: Injecting doubt: responding to the naturopathic anti-vaccination rhetoric

Little evidence to support much of what naturopaths offer. And the sensible advice (exercise, sleep) often wrapped in a blanket of pseudoscience.

CNTRP: Understanding Opt-Out or Presumed Consent - what are the challenges and how would it work in Canada?

This Fast Fact briefly explains the framework and implications of opt-out consent for deceased organ donation, describes the social and legal...

Regenerative Medicine: Human gene editing: revisiting Canadian policy

Combatting Unlicensed Stem Cell Interventions through Truthful Advertising Law: A Survey of Regulatory Trends

Professor Ogbogu proposes the adoption and application of consumer protection legal frameworks, specifically truthful advertising laws and...