Health, Safety, & Environment

The Faculty of Law has a strong commitment to the safety of staff, students and visitors. The Law Health, Safety and Environment Committee works with the University of Alberta Environment, Health and Safety unit to develop, implement and oversee faculty-wide health and safety policies, procedures and training.

This website contains comprehensive information about health and safety at the Faculty of Law, links to health and safety information and training at the University of Alberta and contact information for the Chair and Co-Chair of the Law Health, Safety and Environment Committee. We encourage visitors to the website to review the available information and contact us if you have any questions.

Faculty of Law - Health Safety & Environment Committee

Julie McClelland
Gloria Strathern
Alternate - Co-chair
Lana Appelt
HSE Representative
Barry Chung
Hilary Edison
Dean’s Suite
Stella Varvis
Cameron Jefferies
Professor - Faculty Representative
Rhea Sharma
Elected Student Representative
Zara Ahmed
Administrator, Faculty of Law - Centre for Constitutional Studies
Christine Brown
Head, Faculty Engagement (Humanities, Social Sciences & Law)
Bruce Wakeham
Director of Career Services, Faculty of Law
Robyn Hyde-Lay
Executive Director, Faculty of Law - Health Law Institute