This division currently has six gynecological oncologists: Dr. Valerie Capstick, Dr. Jeanelle Sabourin, Dr. Christa Aubrey Dr. Helen Steed, Dr. Sophia Pin and Dr. Tiffany Wells.

Research in this division includes participation in clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group (NCIC CTG), the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Consortium and various pharmaceutical companies. Current clinical trials focus on new drug treatments for ovarian and endometrial cancer as well as surgical management of early cervical cancer.

The Gynecological Oncology division also collaborates with basic science researchers in the Department of Oncology. This includes translational studies investigating new targets for the early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer as well as molecular mechanisms underlying ovarian tumorigenesis.

Clinical Research Collaborations

Significant clinical collaborations in this division include:

Ovarian Cancer Research Team

Dr. Helen Steed, Dr. Yangxin Fu (Experimental Oncology), Dr. Cheng-Han Lee (Pathology), Dr. Lynn Postovit (Sawin-Baldwin Chair in Ovarian Cancer), and Dr. Anthony Noujam (Legacy Oncology Chair).

Alberta Cancer Research Biobank (ACRB)

Collection of tissue samples intraoperatively for cancer research

Ongoing Research Projects

1. Prospective data collection:Preoperative weight loss in women with severe morbid obesity (BMI >45) and either atypical endometrial hyperplasia, or grade 1 endometrioid adenocarcinoma of the endometrium

2. Sentinel Lymph Node Procedures in Endometrial Cancer: A Multisite Experience

3.Rates of VTE in the NACT setting in Ovarian Cancer in Alberta

4. Tap Block video for post op pain control

5. Rates of VTE Post-op in Endometrial Ca and Ovarian Ca in Edmonton and Calgary

6. Robotics Database creation

Education portfolios

Dr. Helen Steed - RCPSC Western Rep Surgical Foundations Executive Specialty Training Committee
Dr. Sophia Pin - Academic Advisor Competency Committee for CPD
Dr. Val Capstick - Associate Chair (Education)

Clinical innovation

ICG Firefly for sentinel lymph node dissection in robotics commenced March 2019