Funding and Financial Support

Clinical fellowships are funded from a variety of sources.

Visa trainees registered as Fellow are often supported by sponsoring agencies with established training agreements with the University. The agencies provide "tuition" payments to the University, as governed by the established agreements.

Some Visa Fellows from developing countries are provided training without "tuition" charges.

Some fellowship programs have identified specific internal funds to support their Fellows or have secured external funding, such as Alberta Health Services (AHS).
Some fellowships are "self-funded." Individual trainees are eligible for CPSA registration that permits billing for the services provided by the Fellows. Funds collected are pooled by the supervising department to provide salary support for the trainees. Some Fellows have unrestricted CPSA licensure and are able to supplement fellowship salary with clinical earnings.
Although there is no defined salary scale for Fellows, the current resident salary scales, as outlined in the PARA Agreement, have been suggested to supervisors as a benchmark. Standard AHS benefits apply to Fellows, as paid through AHS. Fellows who are without funding have the option to sign up for benefits, such as the University Health Insurance Plan.