Meet our Residents


Saveen Sidhoo, PGY-1

Saveen was born and raised in Calgary but doesn't let Oiler territory keep her from proudly supporting the Flames. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary before receiving her MD at the University of Alberta. In her free time, she loves spending time with her friends and family, exploring new cafes and restaurants, photographing her travels and adventures, or cracking open a thriller novel (feel free to send recommendations).


Faisal Habbab, PGY-1

Hey, I'm Faisal, a radiation oncology resident at the UofA. I'm passionate and excited about my journey in radiation oncology—it's a field that's both rewarding and full of innovation. When I'm not immersed in the world of medicine, you can find me indulging in my love for good food. I also enjoy playing video games (maybe a little too much) and staying active through sports. Looking forward to this new chapter of my life in Edmonton!


Mathew Gorman, PGY-1

Mat was born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He began his post-secondary education at Grande Prairie Regional College and while there, he played for the men’s soccer team. He then transferred to the University of Alberta where he completed his undergraduate and medical studies. When he is not at the hospital, Mat loves spending time playing disc golf, learning new songs on the guitar, playing on various sports teams including volleyball and soccer, or enjoying a game of chess.

Connie Le

Connie Le, PGY-2

Connie was born in Vancouver and grew up in Edmonton. Her post-secondary education has been based at the University of Alberta, and she loves to use research and training as an excuse to explore the world, having lived in Toronto, Seattle, Vienna, and Beijing. She loves to spend time with friends and family, bike around Edmonton for treats, and play goalie in hockey. She will happily rave about Edmonton, the UofA, and Radiation Oncology.

ananya photo

Ananya Beruar, PGY-3

Ananya was born in Dhanbad, India and immigrated to Canada at the age of 8. She grew up in Sudbury, Ontario and has a background in Biochemistry and Biomedical Technology. Ananya did medical school at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Thunder Bay, ON. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, rewatching the same three shows on Netflix, and exploring new cafes and dining spots around town.

conley photo

Conley Kriegler, PGY-3

I’m Conley, I originally hail from Saskatoon, SK, but have been loving life here it the Wild West of Edmonton. While I love Radiation Oncology, I also love life (only a little bit more) so my hobbies so far in Edmonton have consisted of lots of river jogging, bouldering, ultimate frisbee, and making cake/ice cream for resident birthdays, I haven’t missed one yet!

tanner photo

Tanner Steed, PGY-4

I grew up in Calgary but have lived in Edmonton for close to 10 years now for my undergraduate degree, medical school, and now residency. Even if I live here for another 50 I’ll never stop cheering for the Flames. I have amazing kids--twin 4 years old’s and a 1.5 year old, and they ensure there is never a dull moment. I have recently bought some dad shoes and am working on my repertoire of dad jokes. When not at work I like to play men’s league hockey in the winter and mountain bike and play golf in the summer.

michael photo

Michael Zhu, PGY-4

Michael is a PGY4 Radiation Oncology Resident who attended the University of Calgary for his Undergraduate degree and then received his MD from the University of Alberta. When not perfecting new recipes in the kitchen, he’s trying to collect a record number of Made by Marcus stamps. He is one of the UofA radiation oncology wellness chairs and is always on the lookout for fun activities or new eats for the resident group to try out. Feel free to reach out to him at with any questions about the program (or if you just want to talk about cars, basketball, or life)—he loves radiation oncology and always enjoys the opportunity to talk about what a great field it is, and what a great program UofA has!


Zainab Al Habsi, PGY-5

Zainab comes from Oman, the Eastern gateway to the Middle East, where she initially started her Internal Medicine residency before finding her passion in Radiation Oncology. She is interested in holistic patient care and healthcare worker wellness and is a skilled clinician. Zainab is easy going and down to earth, and loves to read and travel.

yugmel headshot

Yugmel Nijjar, PGY-5

Yugmel was born and raised in Edmonton. He’s a member of the Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) resident subcommittee here. Some hobbies he enjoys include river valley walks, solo travelling, and discovering new restaurants in the city with friends. Feel free to reach out and ask questions about competency by design here in our program or about life in Alberta.