Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Andrew Dixon, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Andrew Dixon, program director of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program, and his colleagues developed orthopedic interactive sessions to provide more training on fracture management. Click photo to read more.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) is a branch of medicine that provides highly specialized, acute health care to children of all ages and developmental levels.

PEM provides the opportunity to see a wide variety of medical problems, perform multiple procedures, and use critical care skills. The PEM specialist is both dedicated to and well situated for advancing the science of our field through multidisciplinary and translational research.

Ours is a subspecialty that appreciates quality of life outside of work, and at the University of Alberta, we encourage and support our staff to strive for work-life harmony. PEM offers flexible hours, a great variety of patients and excellent academic opportunities.

The Stollery Children's Hospital offers the only accredited specialized pediatric emergency department (ED) in central and northern Alberta. With a referral base from the northern half of Alberta, as well as two territories and northeastern British Columbia, we serve a large and diverse population.

The Stollery Children's Hospital ED treated just over 50,000 patients last year. Approximately 10 per cent of these emergency patients require admission to hospital, which allows our learners exposure to much higher acuity than most centres. Our relatively new patient care space, built in 2012, is an modern and practical work environment complete with private consultation spaces and easy access to information technology.