General Pediatrics Residency Program

General Pediatrics Come Grow w

As defined by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada: Pediatrics is that branch of medicine concerned with the study and care of infants, children and youth in health and disease, their growth and development, and their opportunity to achieve full potential as adults.

A pediatrician is a specialist trained in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of diseases involving children based on a sound knowledge of normal growth and development and of the wide range of clinical conditions encountered in infants, children, and youth.

For information about our curriculum and application process, please visit CaRMS.

Program Highlights

The Pediatric Residency Training Program at the University of Alberta is a fully accredited program that follows the guidelines set out by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Highlights include:

  • Core program is three years.
  • Fourth year (planned by the resident, in consultation with the program director), spent in general pediatrics, a subspecialty, or other career-directed activities.
  • Trainees have the opportunity to gain experience in inpatient and ambulatory care in the teaching hospitals.
  • Trainees also have the option of spending time in a variety of community-based practices within and outside Edmonton.
  • With a large base to draw upon, our residents achieve a high level of general consulting abilities.
  • Teaching staff is recognized for its excellence and dedication.
  • Our program includes a multi-organ transplant program, regional pediatric cardiac surgery, EMCO and an interprovincial pediatric cardiac surgical program.

Referral Base

Our referral base is approximately two million people in Alberta coming from Red Deer and north, the Western Arctic, the prairie provinces, and northeastern British Columbia. Both the pediatric intensive care unit and the neonatal intensive care units have active transport teams which treat and transport critically ill neonates and children from the referral area.

Subspecialities and Facilities

The full spectrum of subspecialties is available for core rotations, and many of these also offer residency training or fellowships as well. In addition, our position, within the larger University of Alberta Hospital and adjacent to the University of Alberta campus, provides opportunities for additional learning and research which can be more difficult to access in a traditional free-standing children's hospital. In addition to the Stollery Children's Hospital we have locations at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Royal Alexandra, Misericordia, and Grey Nuns Community Hospital.

Resident testimonials

Michelle Huie

Michelle Huie, PGY2
Calgary, AB
Medical School:
University of Alberta

What I like about Edmonton: The Stollery Children's Hospital is within an adult hospital and is right next to the University campus. There are lots of places to live close by and not even a 5 minute walk to Whyte Avenue where there are tons of things to do and eat!

What are the highlights of the program for you: A definite highlight for me about this program is that residents of all years feel like family and the staff are very accommodating and willing to teach. There are also opportunities for us as residents for advocacy, research and global health.

One piece of advice you want to share with applicants about the interview process: It has probably been said many times, but try and enjoy the CaRMS tour. Although it can be exhausting, it is also exciting to
visit different parts of Canada, learn about the Pediatric programs and determine which one is the best fit for you. Along the way, you might even meet your future co-residents!

Lester Liao

Lester Liao, PGY3
Toronto, ON
Medical School:
University of Western Ontario

What I like about Edmonton: Green-space, family friendly, Strathcona neighbourhood, minimal traffic, and three T&Ts.

What are the highlights of the program for you: Willing teachers and great learning environment, being challenged but not being babied, collegiality of the resident group, receptivity of the program, directors, call schedule and the Stollery Hospital is beautiful.

One piece of advice you want to share with applicants about the interview process: Try to get to know people to get an idea of the "informal" aspects of the program.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson, PGY3
Rockglen, Saskatchewan
Medical School:
University of Saskatchewan

What I like about Edmonton: There are tons of fun things to do, great restaurants, and awesome people. If I had to pick my favorite thing, it would be the many trails and parks throughout the city- it can feel like you aren't in a city at all!

What are the highlights of the program for you: The best thing about the program here are the people. We have a super supportive and fun group with great program directors and staff. Coming from another province it was nice to have a group of people who made it easy to feel at home. Beyond that, you will see so many interesting cases if you come here!

One piece of advice you want to share with applicants about the interview process: Go to the socials if you can - it is a great way to see how happy the residents are and whether it is a group you'd like to work with!